Green Policy

The Locale Hotel Grand Cayman is committed to reducing our effect on the environment. We have taken steps to ensure that the hotel is environmentally conscious, including:

  • Tinted windows to reduce the electricity required to operate air conditioning
  • Hot water tanks warmed by the heat generated by running the air conditioning
  • Reduction in single-use plastics:
    • The hotel’s water supply is filtered in-house so that all tap water is ready to drink
    • Bottled water is provided in glass bottles
    • Plastic straws have been replaced with paper straws
  • Gardens stocked with plants indigenous to the island that do not require irrigation

In addition, The Locale Hotel Grand Cayman has committed to the following projects that will continue to reduce the environmental impact:

  • The installation of 300 solar panels
  • Electric charging stations in the car park
  • Intelligent thermostats