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What if my room is damaged?

If a guest discovers any damages or malfunctions in their room, they must immediately report it to the Front Desk. Failure to report damages may result in the guest being held responsible for repairs or replacements. We reserve the right to assess and determine the extent of damages. The guest will be informed of the associated costs for repairs or replacements, and the charges will be applied to the guest’s credit card on file. Guests are responsible for the care and maintenance of the room during their stay. Any damages caused by the guest, or their visitors will be the financial responsibility of the registered guest. This includes, but is not limited to, damages to furniture, fixtures, linens, and electronic devices. Upon check-in and check-out, our staff conducts a thorough inspection of each room. Any preexisting damages will be noted, and guests are encouraged to report any discrepancies to the Front Desk within 60 minutes of entering the room.